Spelunking at Lost Creek Cave

Spelunking was a new word and a new experience unlike any I have had before. I have hiked, rafted, rock climbed, but have never explored a cave. I will admit, I have been fearful of caving because I think I am claustrophobic in some ways. In Colorado, I have toured caves. One being the Cave of the Winds, which had lights that showcased the cave. I have also hear from some friends that have crawled through caves, twisting their heads to get through tight spaces. So going into this, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Fortunately, spelunking became a eye opening experience.



Before entering the cave, is a water fall that cascades into a sink plunge. The water seems to disappear in the small pool, which is where the cave across for the waterfall gets its name, because the water is “lost”.


Here we find ourselves at the largest openings to the cave. As you can see, the proportion of the people in our group compared to the opening is giant. It was hard to adjust my eyes to  darkness in the cave. I was glad I had a headlamp.


A look back from entering the cave and you can see the lost creek waterfall directly across. Since Tenn. just received a lot of rain, a little creek is flowing from the waterfall into the cave on the right. Which also made the walking through the cave more challenging to avoid stepping into a puddle of water.


A closer look at the ceiling of the cave and ceiling level.  The ceiling of this cave has been breaking down for thousands of years, creating a high ceiling for the cave.


It’s hard to take pictures in a cave but here is one that my friend took of a baby bat. Yes a bat was in the cave. Luckily, it was sleeping.

After we left the cave we loaded back into the van and our guide took us to a place nearby called Burgess Falls. I wasn’t expecting this…


Definitely, a moment of complete awe.


I couldn’t help but do my signature, hands in the air celebration picture.

It was a mile hike to this fall, but from my Colorado hiking background it was about the equivalent of my favorite trail run. Which explains why I jogged all the way back.

To sum up the experience..
Physically: It was easy, but watching out for rocks a puddles in the cave was challenging. The waterfall was an easy walk. On the way back up from the fall is at least 3 switchbacks loaded with steps in a steady incline.
Mentally: In the cave, it was out of my comfort zone, because I couldn’t see exactly where I was going.
My friend always says “There are three things we can watch forever: Fire, the sky, and water. Burgess falls was definitely in that category of items I could watch all day.

I would love to come back to both of these sites during the spring or summer. Or anytime of year.



New Changes

I have been thinking. All day and for days ago.

I am changing in the slightest.

Believing that there are rules to people, no that’s completely  wrong.

I just realized the above. The thing that I have not defined is that when it means no rules it means you are free to express yourself and you have that right. Which demonstrates that everyone also has that same right.

SO…for me that now means I listen and learn. But I continually will let myself think how I do.

God gave me, me. He created me. I am not to be compared to anyone else.

Don’t take that like I am being selfish. Because it is the same truth for you.

You know, people in church will use fancy languages such has, these truths are to be given to you.     Okay…. I know I am saved by grace. Is that the truth’S??

So people…when christians use fancy language they are not trying to sound smart. They are really trying to take one bit from the story of Jesus and grace into a small concept.

Because honestly, there is lots to discover about the story of Jesus.


Maybe another time I’ll talk about that more.

Well for the new, I am going to not let myself compare myself to people. I am going to be what I think. I am going to love God. I am going to admit I love blogging. I am going to do more with my life. I am going to put myself out there.

Fear has held me for so long. Intimidation has put me down. Now I am free.

Thank goodness.


First Day of School feelin kinda cool

Back to the college life, which is good. I mean I see my old friends and feel like I am at home. But, but, I am frustrated. My classes are wonky and I am super tired. My first class is at 7:45 in the morning! I woke up at 6:30 am but since I flew in yesterday from my home it is really 5:30. Whhhyyy. You would think the teachers, since they can make their own schedules would opt for a class at a later time. Welp, I have to go learn how to lead and empower a world in need. So don’t mind me.

Really, I love love this college and I am so excited to be back. I am just suffering from lack of sleep. That you should excuse.

Thank you,


When  I think of most of the relationships I have they do not seem to be defined. He likes me??? Ehhhh.. no he doesn’t what am I thinking. She doesn’t want to hang around me, an awkward girl who wants to be your friend? Would asking change things? I think it would be risky and I like risky.

Sometimes I have found that not saying anything can keep a relationship open to whatever it wants to be. Is he just a kind, caring, insightful friend. His special talent is listening and coming up with clear answers and encouragement. Can I like him?

I find my problem is feeling worthy of a friendship. “You really want to text me? Why? We haven’t talked in weeks! You must be bored. I am the only person to talk to.

I guess that could be true.

What if they actually were thinking about me, and the words I had said last time had rippled in their heart? They wanted to talk more about life. He wanted to talk more like how I talk.

I guess all in all, their needs to be some definition. Or else more curious rants will appear here more often.

Thanks for listening,


ps I am going horseback riding tomorrow

Yep, and Yep

When you loose something or know that you are losing something, well I try to deny it. I don’t want to loose what I have.

I talked to two of my very good friends today. One of which who has transferred and the other is thinking about transferring from my beloved college. My heart breaks. And I want to know they are still near, or I guess still there.

I don’t understand how a person can spend enough time with a individual, enough to make the relationship worth while. Especially when so many new relationships are opening up. I miss my friends dearly, yet, I don’t know what to do about the balance of new and old.

Also, my relationship with Christ is also very unbalanced.

I pray for anew, just as this year arrived full of new packages waiting to be opened. Unfortunately, its not chirstmas anymore.

Happy Living,

“It’s the climb…”

Today I went rock climbing with a friend of mine. I was having lots of fun and by the end of our climbing time I was getting really good at scaling a 42 feet high wall, thats when I started having fun. I learned how to Belay another person and tie a figure 8 knot. I think this information will be useful in the days to come….really. haha. Anyways I have decided that I don’t want my blog to be a secret anymore. Its not like I’m leaking life or death information its just my life and I just want to share it with others. I think my family will find benefit in learning more about my life, this is an easier outlet.

Today was…fun but now I am really tired. I feel bad for my little sister because of my tiredness. At least she still loves me. I think….

Over Thinking Life

I began to fret and worry about everything. Things from doing work with excellence to the clothes I were. I fall short when it comes to over thinking. I think that doing my best means beating myself up to achieve better results. And over thinking the situation make me even worse, by worrying about beating myself up. It’s like an never-ending cycle. And with this I am deterring inside. My soul becomes trouble and I start asking “whats the point?” God I thought wasn’t working anymore, it was too late for me to be loved.

All I want to find the balance between having fun and being myself , with focusing on schoolwork, and the time with God. I am breaking. I don’t want to see anybody because I don’t want them to know the hurt that I feel.

But this is this and that is that. WE ARE NOT PERFECT. Its time to do what you can but not kill yourself while you’re at it. Education is supposed educate you for your life. So that you may succeed at a career. Life skills come first, you must have life skills to succeed at career fields.

God is life. Though through all the struggles I am facing right now, I would not have hope without Christ.

God “Bring me back to life!” literally……

Meaningless to standards

I have befriended a new girl at school. She is from Florida and has long brown hair that goes all the way down her back. We are becoming best friends and I am happy. Yet, when I thought about it, I did the same thing that most of us do. We retreat and loose a wonderful friendship just because we are beginning to feel better or not good enough for a person. It happens in relationships, friendships, jobs, people. I thought more about how I was feeling and how it would affect me. How would society see me? Or at least how do I see society seeing me?

Why do we ask ourselves those questions?

I realize that we are all faking everything. EVERYTHING. I ask myself the questions of whether I should stay or go in a relationship because I am prone to society being fake. And once I see a person as a natural person like me, it seems impossible and then I stray. We all do it. Just because we see REAL people, we think that its not true. There aren’t lameos like me in this world. I am a lameo and nobody knows it like I do. BUT WE ARE ALL LAMEOS!!!!!! BUT AS LAMEOS WE ARE REAL AND NATURAL AND HUMAN!! JUST AS GOD  CREATED us TO BE.



“Its quiet, too quiet.”

That day, after sleeping till an hour before noon, I began to hear the silence. The silence that filled my head. The silence in which God was resting. Somehow it never frightened me, I was always feeling pretty good about my situation. And so I thought, “this must be something that God has in mind for me, something I must know and learn.” I prayed and read a lot the first day. Reading books as the Bible, Jim Elliots biography, Organizing from the inside out etc. While I was enduring the silence I fell back upon this past weekend and began to feel sad and angry. I had gotten more out of the retreat and the community than I had given it. I asked God why he didn’t see it coming and try to reverse it. I thought more and more and more about this concept I had come across. Finally, I had a well put together idea. The people I served were all hopeful and could say thank you and really mean it. Those people knew what it was really like to live with nothing, while I bumble about trying to figure out something of this life I have. They gave me more inspiration than they could ever imagine.

Also, my anger at God for not bringing Larry to the Soup Kitchen when i thought (or God put in me) that maybe Larry didn’t come because he was eating in his own kitchen. Maybe my prayers had actually put him in a suitable place. Maybe God really did provide for him. Maybe ours prayers of staying warm were actually actively happening for him.

I have been home from school with Lyaranxgitis for 3 days and for 2 of them I have been completely silent. The third I found my voice, thought not as perfect as I would want it to be, I am able to communicate.

I got closer to God, with this silent fast. I heard him more clearer than ever before. I have found peace in him. He has given me new strength again to climb the mountains that face me in the distance. All I ask now God, is to retain this Joy. And to retain it yo give it to others who cross my path.